Month: January 2016

A Little Bit About Me…

10530506_4483329017168_3951068797035852652_oOk, I realize this probably should have come first, but hey, I was never a strict rule follower anyways, so here goes!

I’m Lauren, mama to two little boys, Land C, and wife to R, and we live in Dallas, Texas. L is 2.5 and every bit the image in your head when you think of “toddler’, haha, he’s independent and defiant and cuddly and rough and tumble and bossy and generous and sneaky and messy and sweet and…I think you get the picture. C is 3.5, and a much more reserved child, we recently received a diagnosis of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and are working through this “new” world with him and he’s currently in a specialized preschool program to help set him up with skills and tools to be successful in the classroom and with life situations in general. He’s a fantastic kid too, all the same things as his brother, just in a different way, and its something we’ve both loved and struggled with. I will probably write more about this at another point in time, probably several times, haha. R is a sous chef for a fantastic locally-owned restaurant and the boys also love to be in the kitchen and help bake or cook.

What else, we also have a big goofy dog that we share our home with and of course, my various sewing machines and projects, can’t forget those girls. Yes, I just referred to my machines as “girls”, and at the risk of sounding nutty, they each have very much their own personalities and temperances, just like my kids. Ok, I may be a little nutty, but ask any seamstress and I promise she’ll tell you the same thing!


My boys  love to be outside, and luckily Texas has decent weather for most of the year, so their love of the outdoors is easily accommodated. WE probably spend most of our time outside, soaking it all up and letting the boys just run and be kids. I think its so important for kids to have that opportunity in their days and I personally can tell the difference in my kids on the rainy or colder days when we can’t be out, but as I said, other than this past May, those days aren’t too frequent. I’ll stop here, but I could write a whole other post on the importance of physical activity and outdoor play and the lack of it in public schools, but I’ll save that for later too!

Once again, I’m getting wordy here, so I’ll wrap up and apologize in advance that I will probably get wordy a lot, so I hope you don’t mind too much! Thanks for reading and I hope to get some great projects and pattern reviews and some local stuff up soon!





Hello blogosphere! This is my first blog, though it’s been something I’ve mulled over for some time now, just had a lot of  life in the way!

Late 2014, I stumbled across the online sewing community, particularly the PDF designer groups, and I was hooked! I had been sewing for myself and my kiddos for awhile, but had not come across many of the PDF groups yet, so to do so was kind of life changing, haha. No, really, because it gave me a platform to share my work, be inspired by others’ work and to also help troubleshoot things for myself and interact with other creatives in the sewing world. I did not personally know anyone that sewed for themselves or that made a lot of kids’ items beyond blankets and burp cloths and simple toys. I did have a great cloth diaper sewing community to belong to, but my boys were growing out of the diapering stage, so I felt like that would soon be going away, and it made me sad. I also did not have kids in school yet, so as a SAHM, my “community” was kind of limited in general.

Last spring, I had the opportunity to co-host a group on Facebook specifically for sewing a capsule wardrobe, and of course, I jumped at it! The other hosts are the amazing Becca of Free Notion*, and Jeanine, owner/designer at StitchArt and social media guru for Scientific Seamstress/Sisboom Patterns*. Its been a blast and because of that group, I was confident enough to join a blog tour and guest post over at Sew The Show* back in December, which I’ll link in a bit, and doing that has kind of kicked me in the butt to get this going again!

So, I’ll wrap up the wordy Hello post, and leave you my Sew The Show link and the links for the lovely ladies mentioned so that you can visit their pages and maybe soak in a little inspiration, as I have!

You can join our FB group, Capsule Wardrobe Sew Along, here-Capsule Wardrobe Sew Along

Read my StS guest post here- The Witches

Visit Becca here- Free Notion

Visit Jeanine here- StitchArt