#B2B2016 Day 1!

So here is my first make, a plain white tee. Now, this top was originally a long-sleeved Love Notions tunic length Laundry Day Tee that I made back in the fall. Honestly, while I loved the cozy rayon spandex and the wider V neckline, I did not really ever love this top. It just didn’t fall right on me and flatter as well as I’d hoped. This was the first one I made, so it was essentially my wearable muslin and on future versions, I made some changes for better fit.I still kept this one though and wore it at home or on quick errands where I needed to throw something on quickly and go.

So, what I’ve done here, (and I realize this is probably cheating since its not a full make, lol, but whatever), is to cut off the long sleeves and turn it into a short cuffed sleeve, and then I took out my Hey June Handmade Aurora Tee and used the scooped hemline from it.


Voila! I actually do like this a lot, and I think I might make more of these mashes in addition to the Aurora with V-neck mashes. I think they’re just different enough to both work in my wardrobe!

PS-Yes, I know the neckline is a little wonky, and I meant to go back and finish it but didn’t. Since this is also a wearable muslin of sorts, I still may not fix it, lol. This will be kind of a backup shirt anyways.

PPS- Yes, I also know I should I put on a good bra and don’t worry, I’ll not be wearing the hot pink sports bra outside with this in reality, ok? 🙂


I wore it today, so here’s some more pics!


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