Back 2 Basics 2016!

So, I have totally fallen off the blog wagon. Again. BUT I really want to do this thing for myself, so I’m going to just jump right back on! While I was wondering what exatly I should pick to start by up, I remembered that #MMM2016 (Me Made May) is coming up and thought I could jump start on that, but then…

Enter the Back 2 Basics challenge issued over at The Creative Counselor, where you commit one hour (or more!) a day to sewing up those basic items we all need in our wardrobes but often to slack on actually making because, well, BASIC. I do in fact need quite a few basics, so I thought this would be the perfect jumping off point for me!

Since this is sort of the intro post to that, I’ll go ahead and discuss a little bit about the basics I need and what patterns I plan to use and then, I’ll do a second post for the first sew, actually two sews, because today is technically Day 2, and yes, I’m behind, duh.


I pulled out my summer stuff from last year, and I’m fairly happy with the bottoms I have, but I wasn’t really a fan of most of the tops after trying them on again. Some were just ill-fitting, others were not really flattering after all, and some were just kinda meh. What I definitely DO need to have though, are some simple t-shirt type tops to throw on when running around with the kids. I need a black and a white and then I found a nice heathered oatmeal solid that I’m going to use, and I think I’m going to go for a gray too, and maybe a navy. If you follow me on Instagram or are a member of our Facebook group, you probably know that I’m a huge fan of Hey June Handmade’s Aurora dolman tee, so its only natural that I’d lean towards it for my basics. The ONLY THING that I’d rather have, is a v-neck, so I’d planned to hack the Aurora and mash with the neckline from another pattern, most likely Love Notions’ Laundry Day Tee because I really liked that neckline on the ones I made back in the fall.

We recently moved twice in as many weeks (I know, I KNOW!), and somehow during that whole ordeal, I managed to lose a drawer of socks and underwear, SO I’ll be making more underwear too. I have always used the Scrundlewear from Stitch Upon A Time, so I’ll probably just use it again since it’s already fitted for me.

Last, I was a hair model a couple of weeks back, and while the girl did a great job, its not really my preferred haircut and its shorter and it doesn’t go into a bun or a ponytail real well. This doesn’t translate well to busy mom life since I essentially *have* to style it in order for it to look decent. Uh nope, not happening, lol. So, I’m looking into headbands, and I haven’t found what I want in stores, so I’ll be making those as basics too.

I am going to do some shorts too, but I’ll blog those with the upcoming shorts and capris blog tour!


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