#B2B2016 Day 2 and 3!

I already blogged my hack of the Love Notions Laundry Day Tee aka the LDT to have the hemline from Hey June’s Aurora, so for my second basic top, I switched it up a little, and did the Aurora with the LDT neckline.

Pattern: Aurora Tee by Hey June Handmade

Size: XL top graded to XXL at waist down for a slouchier fit

Fabric: rayon spandex from Jo-Ann, nothing fancy just soft and comfy

I took the Aurora in my usual size, XL, and decided that I wanted it a little slouchier and looser, so I graded up from the waist downward. The XL is already big enough up top but I just never feel like FBAing a Large, so I knew I shouldn’t go up even more up top, though I considered doing a straight XXL, and might still do that and see how it goes.

I traced it out and then laid the LDT on top and traced the V neck from it in the front. The back, I just kind of cut to my liking. Now, at this point, you should measure your neckline and calculate the size of your band, but we all know that I don’t do things all proper like that and I just cut a strip of fabric and eyeball it. One day, this “technique” will probably fail me, but it hasn’t yet, so I keep at it.

I did have challenges with this neckline because the bobbin thread got all screwy at one point and I didn’t notice and then I had to seam rip and re-sew, and it was late and I did it the worst way possible, lol. It doesn’t look bad in person however, so I’m leaving it.For now.

I’m really happy with how it turned out, though I do wish the neckline was a little deeper/wider. The neckline on my LDTs are and I’m not sure why this one turned out different. Nevertheless its one of my new favorite t shirts.

The wonky neckline, haha.



Day 3, I made a second one in some $1.50/yd walmart knit that *felt* like it maybe had some spandex content in it and I thought it would be ok, but it kind of wasn’t. It ended up really short and thin and not as flowy and just kind of meh. I didn’t even hem it and probably won’t but it’ll make a good sleep shirt to go with those Coachella shorts that are a little too small too.


That wraps up almost half the week!




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