#B2B2016 Day 4

Today’s sewing was definitely the most basic of basics- new underwear. We have recently moved twice in a month, and somehow, I managed to lose half my sock and underwear drawer. I lost the light colored unders, so that’s what I needed to sew up. I’m not posting pics because kind of sheer and kind of inappropriate and this isn’t that kind of blog, lol. Although, I guess I could take pics of them just lain out and not on…

Anyways, on to the sewing talk!


Pattern:Scrundlewear by Stitch Upon A Time

Size: L

Fabric: 91/9 cotton spandex from Jo-Ann

I really do like this pattern a lot, and it’s what I’ve made most of my underwear with. The name is kind of skeevy, IMO, so I just call them the SUAT underwear, lol. That said, I do a L in these and the only thing I do alterations wise is to dip the front a little bit more so it doesn’t come up so high and to add to the bottom of the back piece so it actually covers my cheeks. I have done extra low rise and extra cheeky pairs, but I really just needed basic pairs at this time, so that’s what I did. I could probably actually make a M, but these aren’t uncomfortable and I’m lazy since this size is already cut out.

Again, no pics here, but there’s a couple on this pattern listing, and its a pretty straightforward sew.


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