#B2B2016 Day 5-6-7

Really, this post will be about day 5, since I’m blogging the shorts I did for day 6 and 7 separately as part of another blog tour.


Day 5 brings us yet another pair of black supplex leggings. Yeah, I know, how many pairs of black supplex leggings does one person need? The answer? A lot. Especially since we no longer have a washer and dryer and I can’t just toss the 3 pairs in the wash overnight and they’re ready to go. Maybe I should do a blog post just for all my supplex leggings, lol.

This pair is Patterns for Pirates (also known as P4P) pattern, the peg legs. Now, I almost didn’t want to blog these, because honestly, I’ve altered the pattern a good bit so I think its kind of unfair to use these since they’re not going to look like this from the pattern pieces as is. However, they are a great base pattern to start from, and that’s what I really was after, and they’re only $5, so…

Pattern: Peg Legs

Size: M-L-XL

Fabric: Supplex from LDG Showroom

The pattern piece itself is straightforward, its just a single piece that you cut mirror images of and the single leg seam is the inseam. For someone who cycles or runs long distances or anything like that, you may not want the inseam (I wouldn’t) but I only run as long as my kids are chill in the stroller which is about 4-5 miles, and sometimes its just around the block, lol.

Now, I did make a pair going by my measurements and they did in fact fit, so I would say they are true to size in that respect, however, the rise was really short. Like REALLY short. It didn’t even cover my lower than average c-s scar, nor did it cover my butt all the way either. Even once I attached the waistband, they were still really low, and uncomfortable. So, I decided to add to the rise. For my cotton spandex pairs, 2″ in front and 2.5″ in back was good, but for my supplex pairs, I found that 1.5″ in front and 2″ in back was better.

For the waistband, its a rectangle that you sew into a tube, fold and attach. It’s really simple and constructs easily enough. However, I’m not a rectangle shape so the spot on my body where the top of the band hits is narrower than where the bottom of the band hits making it too big at the top to where it slid down and bulked weird under my shirts.My solution was to add seam allowance and do two side seams that I contoured, so that lain flat, the band looked like an hourglass and when folded and attached, it was narrower at the top where I’m smaller.  I also contoured the base so that it was slightly narrower at the back because I had the rise on the actual leg pieces coming up higher in back and didn’t need the taller waistband back there. I use my personal measurements too and not the pattern’s.

The leg pieces I had to shorten, since my inseam is shorter than the pattern’s because its drafted for someone taller and longer legged than I am. I took out a little bit mid thigh and mid calf, since this will keep it proportionate throughout, whereas just taking it off the bottom will make them shorter yes, but fit weird throughout.

I did a pair as straight XL because its what I measured into, and it fit but there was excess fabric in front. So I made an L and it fit ok, but it was tight in back. I then decided to do an L front and XL back graded to an L just below the butt. This was pretty much ok but I had excess at the knee and when I did a full length pair, also excess at the ankle. I graded in to an M at the knee and ankle and that fixed that. Really though, I wear my leggings just below calf because its the most flattering spot on my legs for tight pants to hit. I do wear ankle length occasionally in the winter, but I don’t really like to.


Soooo… did you catch all that? lol. I lengthen the rise and change the waistband and grade the legs from L to M in front and Xl to L to M in back. Clear as mud, yeah? They are super comfy though!!!


Here they are with the Aurora/LDT top from a few days ago!



Quick Sneak of Day 6/7- SOS Pants Knit Shorts!!





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