Sewing Up Spring- Tops!

Hey friends!

Welcome to my stop on the Sewing Up Spring Blog Tour hosted by Tibeca over at Sewing By Ti! I’ve got several stops on this tour, but this is my first, and today, I’m blogging about spring tops. As you may know, I’m in Texas, which means that we’ve been in “Spring” for awhile now, like since January really, hahaha, so I’ve made quite a few Spring-like items and have been wearing them already! I do however, have a review of a brand new pattern!

First up today, is the new Trevi Top from Hey June Handmade. Its a woven top, semi fitted through the bust and then it flares for a loose and flowy top or dress. It also has a button down (up?) back placket and, one of my favorite parts, FRENCH SEAMS!!! Which is my preferred way to do wovens, but not many include it and so I have to math it all out myself and alter my patterns, but not so with Trevi because Adrianna’s taken care of all of that! It also comes with two front pieces, one regular and one FBA’d piece with a dart. If you have ever had to FBA something, you will definitely appreciate this already being done for you as well!!

I really love my Trevi, even though it was too small and its rather warm, which is totally my fault, but hey, it was a muslin anyways, and its actually wearable still so I’m not super disappointed. My fault with fabric content- 90/10 Poly/Spandex, what was I thinking?!?! But the colors are super vibrant and it does feel silky against the skin and it drapes like a dream!

Remember how I said it came with a front option with an FBA? Well, some of us may need a little more of an FBA than that piece provides and I am definitely that person! BUT the fabric I picked was a stretch chiffon from the Nicole Miller collection at Joann, and so I thought since it had the nice stretch horizontally, that I might could get away with just going by my high bust and using the FBA front. It was almost a go actually, but I did get weird drag lines and I looked a little squished, the shoulder area also was a little snug. The back however, was tight/pulled, so I “fixed” it by not doing the buttons and just sewing the placket closed along the very edges so that I had more space.

Next time though, I’m going to size up one size and do a larger FBA on it to add the extra inch in the bust that I need.

Overall though, I think the pattern is very well done. The drafting is good and despite my unique issues, it does appear that it would fit true to size per measurements. Because it almost did, so I’m confident in saying that if my chest didn’t need so much real estate on the fabric, that it would’ve been fine for someone who needed just a bit more room up top.

The instructions were really good too. The graphics were clear and everything was easy to follow. It is not a super quick sew because of all the detail with the bias tape and French seams, but it does go smoothly and it all went together very well and the extra touches made for a really nice clean finish at all the seams.


The second top I’ve got is the Alice from Tessuti. It’s one I’ve been doing for a couple of years now, but I recently made another one and I altered my dress version from last year into a top.

Its for wovens, though I think it could work with a knit on the lower bodice piece if you wanted. It’s in Australian sizing, so you’ll need to convert from cm and you size by your upper bust measurement. It’s also a drawn not digitized pattern (unless it’s been updated, because again, I’ve had this pattern a good while), but it’s well done and I had no problems with it.

I was told way back when I was first thinking about getting it, that it ran large, so while I sized into the L, I went down to a M, and it was a perfect fit.

The neckline is a little higher than I prefer, so I have lowered it some on a few pieces, the one I converted from a dress has been lowered, but the other is as it is in the pattern.

The underarm is a bit lower than I typically prefer, but I actually don’t mind it, though you do get a glimpse of my bra depending on which I’m wearing. I uh, also like that it’s loose enough that I don’t *have* to wear a “real” bra and it still looks great, lol. Because you know, some days, I just don’t wanna.

This is a great spring/summer top for rayons- challis, gauze, voile and cottons- lawn, voile, gauze, challis and also light chambrays. I have not tried a linen, which I know would make it more structured, but I intend to this year! Its also a good one for using up small pieces since you can do yokes and sleeves in accent/complimentary/contrasting prints or solids.

That’s all I’ve got for today! Come back tomorrow for some spring knit tops! Check out everybody else on the tour too!


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