Sewing Up Spring- Tops 2!

Today, I’m still going on about tops, but I’m going to show you some knit tops since I did wovens yesterday.

Do you like to play around with pattern modification or “hacking” as its sometimes called? Well, I do. I love to use existing patterns as a base and the n create new stuff with them, and one of my favorites to do that with is the Laundry Day Tee from Love Notions! Why? Its so simple and versatile because it comes with two neck options and two hemline options and its fitted at the bust but loose and flowy from the waist out. I actually am not a fan of it so much as is because the loose and flowy just doesn’t do well with my body type, but its a perfect setup to extend into a dress (that’s my later sewing up spring post!) and the upper bodice was a perfect fit on me which is great to mash with. I even did a raglan version tutorial for a friend!

So, on to what I’m showing you today! I blogged previously about my love for Hey June‘s Aurora, which is a slim dolman that the fit is just perfect on, but I don’t always need a dolman, so I mashed it with the LDT last spring as part of the Back 2 Basics challenge. Well, I’ve taken that mashup pattern and done a sleeveless v-neck front AND back! It created  this lovely little easy to thrown on top that I just love. I’ve made two so far and have two more cut out! These are so easy to wear with any bottoms you like and then do a cardigan or something as needed for those of you in cooler states (because its already tank and tee time here in Texas, lol). And, because the back and front are the same, you can literally just throw it on any old way and go!

Works nicely with crisp white shorts, huh?



It also works great with jeans! (Patterns for Pirates- SOS Knit Pants in heavy denim spandex french terry)



and knotted with a pencil skirt! (Patterns for Pirates- Pirate Pencil Skirt in black refined ponte)



and great under a chambray shirt with white pants! (Patterns for Pirates- SOS Pants in refined ponte)


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